The change of simple shower room

Twenty-first Century is a period of development, change and adjustment. The trend of economic globalization is irreversible. It is the requirement of the times to seek sustainable development and promote equality and mutual benefit between countries and countries. International cooperation is an important and effective way to deal with new challenges and find new opportunities. In September 2012, the "Zhi Peng" shower room with the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and other more than 30 countries and regions to establish a wide range of cooperative relations, firmly the "Zhi Peng" in the domestic shower room industry leading position, significantly enhance the "Zhi Pengda" in the field of foreign showers brand awareness At the same time, make full use of foreign product development talent and domestic resources advantages, stimulate innovation, increase research and development, will significantly expand the "Zhi Peng" shower room in the Chinese market and international high growth market business coverage. The establishment of these cooperation shows a high degree of agreement with the development strategy of the future shower room with several countries and regions, and combines the advantages of the "Zhi Peng" and a number of foreign leading bathroom enterprises to develop a series of technical development projects, which will greatly enhance the "Zhi Peng Da" in the world. The shower room has the strength to subdivide the market.