The choice of the shower room should be careful

The choice of the shower room should be careful!
It is understood that the general user in the decoration generally will use a shower room, in the general shower room today, the quality of the shower room product quality is different, there are some non safety certification of the business, the security problems have to worry, especially the recent shower room glass self explosion incident, so choose the right shower The products of the bath house are very necessary.
With the development of the times, people have higher requirements on the quality of life, especially in the shower. For modern people who have a fast pace of life, it is a great enjoyment to enjoy a comfortable shower in the completion of work. It is also a way for modern people to relieve the pressure of life and stretch the weary body and mind. With the rising of the real estate industry in recent years, the shower room market continues to develop. For the shower room with such huge potential, a large number of shower rooms have attracted a lot of showers to invest in the shower room industry. Through the integration of the market, the domestic shower room has produced many high-quality shower room manufacturers.
Glass is an essential material on the shower room. The quality of the glass in the shower room is related to the safety of the shower room. In view of the current glass problems on the market, the responsible person in the room of the room shows that the ordinary tempered glass is tempered in the ordinary workshop and may have bubbles and impurities in the interior of the glass. The unevenness of the force may lead to self explosion. For enterprises that do not pay much attention to the quality of glass, they may cause an explosion when users are misused, installed improperly and the temperature difference is too large. There are slight concave and convex surfaces on the surface of the horizontal steel plate, and dirt will remain after use. After that, the glass will be atomized and the cleaning will be difficult if it is used for a long time. In view of these phenomena, Deng Yu shower room has launched a homogeneous tempered glass shower room. The homogeneous action of the homogeneous furnace solves the problem of glass self explosion due to the uneven force of the unstable impurities inside the glass. Homogenized tempered glass will have no self detonation and higher safety factor compared with tempered glass.